Dan Kirby px from Steve NIndividual to be memorialized:     Daniel Kirby

Nominating Club:     Shore Aquatic Club

Reason individual is being named:

 Dan Kirby was one of the most liked people that I have ever met.  He was a great father, a devoted son, an excellent husband, a great friend and a very capable diver.  My family and I met Dan Kirby and his wife, Gail, while working on New Jersey Dive Symposiums.  Dan was always willing to help in any way possible.  The Kirbys became close friends. My son, Tom, started SCUBA diving when he was nine years old and started diving in New Jersey a few years later.  Dan Kirby was the only person that my wife and I trusted enough to take our young son diving.  They dove with Paul Hepler on the Venture and Dan looked after Tom like he was his own.  Dan loved to dive and he dove frequently.  New Jersey was his favorite although he did make excursions to the island of Barbados - a warm water respite from New Jersey diving.  I had the pleasure of diving with Dan on many occasions and it was always great fun.

 Dan was an inspiration to a great number of people.  If the worth of a man is the number of “true friends” then Dan Kirby was a billionaire.  My wife remarked at his wake that she doesn’t remember Dan ever saying anything bad about anyone.  That was Dan.  If you needed him, he was there.

 Dan Kirby deserves to be remembered in this memorial.  He was a great diver who gave his time to help promote the sport of diving in New Jersey.

-Herb Segars

 Date Submitted:  November 19, 2008