Do you dive on the NJ Artificial Reef?  
NJ Council Dive Clubs and other people have sent their checks to help us buy REEF BALLS. Everyone contributed a total of $ 2,350.00. The NJCDC surpassed our goal of $1,000 to be able to "purchase" 20 reef balls.  For this price we got "our" name on a part of the Axle Carlson Reef site. 
reef ballReef Balls are a project of the Artificial Reef Association (of NJ) based in South Jersey (in association with NJ Fish and Game). This is the same group that sinks the ships, tanks and barges off the NJ coast. The Reef Balls are made of concrete, are 4 foot in diameter and 3 foot high. Each weigh at least 1,500 lbs.

The member clubs that contributed to this fundraiser are: NJ Skin Diving Club, Ocean Wreck Divers, On the Bottom, NY Sea Gypsies, Staten Island Sport Divers, NJ Aquanauts, Divers Anonymous, NJ Divers Assoc., Philadelphia Sea Horses, and Shore Aquatic Club. The individuals that contributed are: Glen Gunther, Al Guzzo and Peggy Bowen. 

This Reef was constructed with funds given by the New Jersey Council of Diving Clubs.  The Reef Balls were sunk on August 2, 2000.

In addition, this reef was sponsored by the NY Sea Gypsies, a member club of the NJ Council of Diving Clubs.

The Axel Carlson Reef is 2.1 nautical miles off Mantoloking, New Jersey.
From the Manasquan Inlet - it is a 4.4 nautical mile ride.
Axel Carlson Reef site (8/2/2000) at lat & lon 40 00.22'  74 00.13'   
The Sea Gypsies Reef Balls
were put at: 
40 degrees 00.18 minutes and 74 degrees 00.16 minutes. 
The depth is 66 - 77 feet - according to a fishing boat captain.

You can "Sponsor" a reef -- or Adopt-A-Reef --
or give a 'reef' as a gift or as a memoriam for a diver!
for more information - call the Reef Program at (609) 748-2020

Artificial Reef Issues

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